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  • Latest News

    • June 28
      Everyday we see the evil of violence and I’m afraid that we are becoming numb to it.   We brush it off too easily and put the blame elsewhere instead of looking at the evil that lurks within men’s hearts.
    • June 20
      Pray every day in some manner, whether it is a rosary, a holy hour, spiritual reading or something else. Prayer is a must because it is through prayer that we build the relationship with Jesus.
    • June 15
      This weekend (June 18 & 19) is "Commitment Weekend" for our Revenue Enhancement Campaign. Envelopes are available at the entrance of the church or give the parish office a call and we can send you one. Thank you.
    • June 14
      You are invited to the Annual Baccalaureate Mass for 2016 Graduates.
    • June 14
      Fr. Chip introduces us to the newly named Bishops for the Archdioceses of Boston.
    • June 6
      In today’s Gospel, the young man in Nain is raised from the dead and the natural question to arise from that is why. Why him? Why not someone else?
    • June 2
      The next Coffee & Conversation topic is "Collaborative Ministries". Come grab a cup of coffee and learn all about the vibrant ministries we have at the Matthew13 Collaborative.
    • June 1
      Father Chip will address both parishes in the collaborative regarding an Increased Sunday Offertory Appeal. Last spring, we made a concerted effort to raise our Sunday Offertory Collection at St. Mary’s that resulted in an average monthly increase of about 15%.