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    • January 26
      Due to the impending blizzard in the forecast, all activities at St. Mary's from the afternoon of Monday, January 26, including religious education classes, to Tuesday evening, January 27, have been cancelled. In addition, daily Masses at St. Mary's and Our Lady of Sorrows, Sharon, for Tuesday have been cancelled as well. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding activities on Wednesday. Also, be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter for the most up to date news.
    • January 26
      Because of the forecast impending blizzard, Fr. Chip has cancelled daily Masses at St. Mary's and Our Lady of Sorrows on Tuesday. Please stay safe everyone.
    • January 25
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Fr. Chip notes that in his most recent World Communications Day message, Pope Francis has reiterated that it is the family that teaches us how to communicate with God and one another.
    • January 17
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      The March for Life each year is a constant witness that every life is sacred.
    • January 9
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      As we get to know one another, we will work together better and love each other better.
    • January 5
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      It is my hope that perhaps we can forget the typical resolutions and look at our spiritual lives rather than our waistlines (not that losing weight is bad, mind you). So, how is this accomplished, how can we improve spiritually?
    • December 28
      - Fr. Chip Hines
      Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this Advent and Christmas so special.
    • December 20
      - Fr. Chip Hines, Pastor
      Fr. Chip reflects on his dog, Buddy, who just passed away and on the lessons we can learn from him about unconditional love and about Christmas.
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    BSP - Blessed Sacrament Parish
    BSS - Blessed Sacrament School
    OLOS - Our Lady of Sorrows